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Single Review: E-reign – Pop Bottles

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Written by CM

Long Island, New York underground rapper E-reign represents his hometown again by, dropping one more refreshing song with universal appeal. His new single “Pop Bottles” celebrates building capital and wealth as oppose to glorifying money, jewelry and material items. He is proof that one can work hard and party hard as an alternative of parting hard with any cause. While listening to “Pop Bottles” E-Reign thoroughly takes advantage of the opportunities around him as he continues to embark his way down the road to success. The gifted artist gives his listeners and fans hope while demonstrating that an individual can live out their dream if they follow their goal(s) and believe in themselves.

E-reign delivers his lyrics with confident, as one will captivate the seriousness and playful rhyme pattern of his well-delivered lyrics over a track with party/club appeal. He expresses his words thoughtfully with catchy phrases that are collectively that flows over the track. Throughout the song he delivers the message regarding building capital and wealth as he diligently follows his mission. A portion of his lyrics states:  “It’s a 24 grind/ three sixth-five/ trying to keep the hope alive/we’re in the building on the rise.”

It’s no wonder that E-reign is co-founder of the record label ESM Entertainment, Unsigned Hype Award Winner and Amazon Best Seller, and also in the month of July the ATL Web Radio Top 50 Singles On Internet Radio Nominee. E-reign lives by his name and is evidence that dreams can come true. So that’s something to pop bottles to.


Follow E-reign:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ereignesm
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ereignindalab

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Last modified: April 16, 2023