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Two of Hearts “A Night of Elegance to Remember”

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Lotty-Dotti Entertainment and the Terrell Boyz put together one of the most classy and elegant events at the top of the year. In one of the most prestige arenas in Kankakee, Illinois, The Majestic Theatre, doors were open to the community after years of renovation where legendary musicians once performed on stage. Now, several decades later, R&B artist Case, Malone, and Ralph, along with the live band left the exhilarating crowd with something to remember many decades from now. “The performance was great tonight. I was excited about the crowd,” Case says in the dressing room in a genuine manner. While being very down to earth, he talks about his challenges and longevity as an artist. “Some of the challenges are the challenges of a record company picking me up. I’ve been signed to Def Jam, and it’s not so much the music…but more about what kind is created. I wanted to do music that would last for decades instead of making something like a fad. A lot of the music these days is only for the here and now,” says the Grammy nominee, who is most recognized for his wedding song “Happily Ever After.”

Duvale Davis, manager of Lotty-Dotti Entertainment, is known for coordinating event in the community, gaining much respect for his exultant events. “The venue and environment looked great. We catered to couples with this event…to those who won’t normally come out. This event was tailored to them.” Davis becomes thrilled about the mature audience and venue. “If I can’t do this type of event, I won’t do it!” Young and intelligent Latif Terrell, president of Lotty-Dotti Entertainment is enthused about another successful event as he differentiates R&B artist from rappers. “We are trying to show people that we can have events without the rift raft. When you have rappers, you usually have a younger crowd, and it’s hard to keep down the level of energy. The energy is much different. If it’s negative energy, the security will have to calm it down.” Latif who stands humble shows his love and support. “I’m thankful for Consciousness Magazine, Case, Randy Malone, the band, Terrell Boyz, Lotty-Dotti, and the Majestic Theatre for giving me the opportunity and seeing that it was a success…and for everybody who came out to see it was a success.”

The Two of Hearts concert brought out respectful couples from all around the Midwest area. Tickets that were purchased for $100 were well accepted and complimented by catered food and Champagne. Couples and singles who lined the ticket way were escorted to the balcony seats where they had a beautiful view of the purple and reddish lightning of the stage which set the romantic mood. The lower level was very affordable; however neither food nor drinks were catered, but viewers had a magnificent view of the stage to witness the performances.

Malone, performing his music and Bill Withers, “Ain’t No Sunshine” left a remarkable impression on the crowd. “I couldn’t come here tonight and do a bunch of records that people didn’t know. It [the show] was incredible. It’s my first time back home performing in 6 years.  It was just a wonderful thing to actually be able to come here, knowing my hard work is paying off. I’m so happy to be here tonight. I feel like great…just to see my mom and dad here!,” says aspiring R&B singer Malone who has worked with professional artist such as Syleena Johnson and CeCe Peniston. As a host for the occasion and having an electrifying performance, he talks about support. “The Midwest region lacks support. We don’t support like we should. It’s a bunch of chiefs and not enough Indians. We’re lacking support from each other. ATL does it…New York does it…we need for it to be understood.” Ralph, the opening act from Chicago felt good performing his new music and received praise from the nice crowd as well.

Many recognizable faces in the community also came out to support the occasion. “[The crowd] has a lot of energy! The Majestic Theatre is a beautiful place. This is history and I’m glad to be in the building!” unimaginatively says local promoter Natone “Midwest” Jordan.  His colleague, Marlowe (Mr. Flashing Lights) responds afterwards, “The atmosphere and surrounding is lovely. The appetizers are great. It’s a much more upscale and classy type feel here.” Roderic Hodges (GOT R.I.C.) was also proud and honored to attend the event. “I feel that it was a historical moment in a historical venue.” And historical indeed it is.

After the event came to a close, crowds of people attended the after-party held at Sully’s where food was also catered and people danced the night away as DJ Swoope provided quality music. Lotty-Dotti Ent. and the Terrell Boyz are looking to bring out many more acts for the community. Stay tuned for more successful and sophisticated events that caters to love and happiness and peace and Joy.

Photos credit by CM and GOT R.I.C.

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Last modified: April 16, 2023