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Scooter Christensen: The Ambassador of Goodwill

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Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson

For many decades, Harlem Globetrotters has been known to entertain and put a smile on the faces of children and adults across the world, guaranteed to make you cry tears of laughter. Whether watching a performance at an arena or at home on your television, the electrifying organization continues to make a positive difference in the lives of many.

I had the opportunity to interview Scooter Christensen of the Harlem Globetrotters, who is known for having an unbeatable record for spinning the ball on his nose and for bringing laughter and fun to his teammates, fans and viewers. Blessed to be a part of the classical team, here is what the 6’ 1”guard had to share with the readers during a recent interview with Consciousness Magazine.

Aaron Robinson: What has your experience been like being on the Harlem Globetrotters roster?
Scooter Christensen: Ah man, it’s been absolutely amazing! You know I’ve been playing ball since I was 5 years old and for it to come full circle for something I love to do, which is playing ball, I’m getting a chance to travel the world and make people smile. So, its no better feeling than that.

Aaron: You hold the Guinness World Record for having the longest duration for spinning a basketball on your nose for 5.1 seconds. How did this talent come about?
Scooter: In 2009 the globetrotters got invited to the NBA celebrity all star game and the Guinness World Records guy just happened to be there. One of our managers went up to him and asked if there has been a record for anybody that has spun the ball on one’s head or one’s nose and he said no. So, I actually set the record in 2009 for spinning the ball on my head for about 6 seconds and 5 seconds on my nose. They invited me back the second year in 2010 and I broke my record; I believe it may have been 8 seconds on my head, about 6 seconds on my nose. If they ever invite me to do it again I will be ready to break my own record.

Aaron: In 2006, you performed oversees on the U.S. military bases. How was that experience for you as oppose to a regular show?
Scooter: That was unbelievable, because of me having the opportunity to meet the men and women in Armed Forces. They were so happy seeing us because we brought a little home to them. They were like “you know, you guys are so good.” The big thing for them was like “where you from, where you from?” They felt like you were from their city. They felt like they knew you. We told them that they were the real heroes. What an unbelievable experience.  That’s one of the things I’d never forget as being a Globetrotter.

Aaron: What do you think is the most challenging things that you have had to overcome or achieve to become a professional basketball player?
Scooter: Playing ball. I definitely had to overcome bullies and people telling me that I was too small and skinny to play basketball. I thank God I had a good parent that kept me positive, consoled me, and encouraged me to have a positive mind. Being with the Globetrotters let me know that. I’ve been over to about 70 countries, so I’ve been so blessed to have been all over the world. You know, the con about that is that you’re just away from your family a lot because you travel so much. Other than that, you know man, I won’t ask for anything else in the world because I’m doing something that I love to do.

Aaron: Speaking of bullying, what led you to get involved with Bullying Prevention?
Scooter: The Globetrotters, the staff, the players and everybody…we kind of put our heads together and asked what’s going on in the world today? What are the big issues that a lot of kids in general are having? And it was people’s kids being bullied. You hear a lot of stories nowadays that kids are being bullied in school, and the person that is getting bullied is either hurting himself or hurting other people. We came up with a program its called the ABC’s Of Bullying Preventions. So we go to different schools and talk to kids about what to do if you are being bullied, and if you see someone being bullied. It’s a great program. We get the message across and we also add a little Globetrotter twist at the end and make sure that they have fun.

Aaron: Nice! That’s amazing. As an athlete, do you have any advice for individuals that are seeking to be a professional athlete someday?
Scooter: I always tell kids, find something that you are passionate about. One thing I always tell them is to get your education; that’s the number one thing. The second thing is always believe in your dreams. The third thing is to find something that you are passionate about, no matter what it is. My passion just happens to be basketball. It doesn’t have to be sports. You can be anything; it can be a doctor, lawyer, singer, actress, or whatever you want to do. And put a lot of effort into it and you get results; you get positive results. And last but not least, I tell kids to have a positive attitude. They don’t want to deal with people like that that. [Earlier] we were talking about the Globetrotters. I can come out there and do some of the best tricks that you seen in the world, but if my attitude is not good then you’re not like a Globetrotter. You have to be a people person, love kids and love to be around kids.

Aaron: What’s next for Scooter Christensen?
Scooter: I don’t know man. I’m still balling, my knees and my legs still feel good. [laugh] I grew up singing in the church home…my whole family was into church. My mom would just sing around the house. Either you played an instrument or you sing in the family. I picked up singing. I was in a gospel group with my cousins when I was little. Other than that, I’m not sure what’s next for me, but I know it would have to do with something entertainment wise. If I’m not entertaining on the court I will be entertaining my family back at home in Vegas.

Aaron: Would you like to add anything in closing?
Scooter: I hope that people come out and see our games. I hope everyone comes out and support the Globetrotters. If you have a chance, go under our Harlem Globetrotters website www.harlemglobetrotters.com and check to see when we will be coming to your city next. I always tell people It will be one of those games you never forget. You will never remember the score of the game, but you will remember going home smiling and having a good time.

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Last modified: April 16, 2023