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Pulse of Perseverance: Book Review

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The opposite of picayune mere short of pithily, Pulse of Perseverance is a paperback heavily groomed with three times the piquancy, three times polychromatic and probing styled writing, and three times the powerhouse authored by three past master doctors: Pierre Johnson MD, Maxime Madhere MD, and Joseph Semien Jr. MD.

Pulse of Perseverance is extinguishable in biographical content for its stasis in buoy and the ability to dissect, leaving incisions on the reader’s soul that requires stitching. It is astonishing for these three men to take what they feared most of being vulnerable, inexpert, to showing infliction and be able to express it as a narrative for public consumption without being shamed.


Rather than relying on social media gimmickry to get worldwide attention, these doctors made a name for them in an utmost positive manner without succumbing to societal norms of young black men leading destructive lives. Dr. Johnson, Dr. Madhere, and Dr. Semien butcher every generalization in becoming the few elite of black physicians and the first as a collective to write a book.

In all, the growing pains of each memoir serves inspirational yet medicinal to young readers especially of different ethnicities and sociocultural backgrounds that aspire to achieve success, greatness, and pursue a career in the medical field. Pulse of Perseverance is a restorative, pompous, and triumphant read making all three doctors renowned patricians of not only their profession, but of their ancestors, generation, and of the future generations to come.

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Last modified: June 24, 2023