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Single Review: Tocarra “Lick Back” featuring BenOne

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By Consciousness Magazine

The melody on the track “Lick Back” by Tocarra featuring platinum recording artist BenOne shines through with a strong and energetic bounce that immediately captures the listener’s attention. The harmony and production by Charles “UNKahmn” Price on the song are expertly crafted, especially the tight and catchy chorus that has great potential for radio play. The first verse’s rhythm is easy to listen to, and the singer’s well-presented voice beautifully merges with the instrumentation.

The instrumentation itself is executed flawlessly, with the hi-hats and BD’s mixed perfectly, and the kick drum prominently cutting through. The vocals, especially the singer’s, are incredibly strong, delivering originality with the use of the phrase “Lick Back,” which can carry the song onto the airwaves.

BenOne, showcases their impressive vocal skills, with their voice blending seamlessly into the track, delivering high riffs that add to the song’s cohesion. Additionally, BenOne’s harmonizing and Tocarra’s rapping further add to the song’s greatness, as the words flow smoothly, and all riffs are perfectly in sync with the melody, creating a very catchy song.

Tocarra brings a unique presence to the track, delivering an amazing and consistent flow that hits the pocket every time. The overall assessment of the song reveals its great strengths, with excellent radio playability and the energy and emotion of the track coming through from start to finish.

In conclusion, the song is a standout track for both artists, showcasing their strengths in every aspect, from the sound quality to the production. Both, Tocarra and BenOne have an impressive presence throughout the song, delivering a memorable performance that will resonate with audiences.

Listen to Lick Back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKwljtlmrcU

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Last modified: April 24, 2023