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A Conversation with Zane

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Interviewed and written by Dr. Shanessa Fenner

As we anticipate the showing of Zane’s new movie, Addicted, on Friday, Oct. 10, there are many more projects the erotica writer has in the making that will tantalize, delight, and keep the fire burning.

Dr. Shanessa Fenner: What should we expect to see in the movie, Addicted, on the big screen on Friday, October 10?
Zane: It’s hot.  It’s very Zaneish for lack of a better word but it is like the book which really expresses how women have just as many needs as men do. Communication is very important in a marriage.  That is the one thing that is really going to come up is how important it is for two people to communicate. A lot of people are in troubled marriages and don’t even realize their marriage is in trouble. They don’t want to face facts. Even when their partner is trying to talk to them they don’t hear them. That is what I really hope resonates with people the most in this movie. Please talk with your man or woman about whatever is going on.

Shanessa: It is taboo to discuss sex, sexual positions, and any kind of sexual topics freely.  You are an erotica writer and were you able to discuss sex freely in your household when you were growing up?
Zane: I’m very comfortable with my sexuality.  I did grow up in a household where we were able to discuss all kinds of things. My parents were very free spirited.  They did not try to hinder my siblings and I in any way. They stimulated our creativity and desire to learn about the world so to speak. I was very comfortable in being able to discuss things.  I am like that with my own children. When they ask me a question I do not avoid it. I am good at keeping my life peaceful.  I do not allow a lot of negativity around me. If someone is trying to bring that in my life I immediately get rid of it. My mother taught me to not be afraid to make my own choices in life and that’s very important.  I feel like what I do does not hurt anybody.  I am actually embraced by a lot of churches and different religious organizations.  I have conducted bible studies before in mega churches. I have given a speech on Black sexuality at Yale before so sexuality is real and a part of life.  Avoiding it, particularly with so many women who have been a victim of some type of abuse or molestation, they don’t have anyone to talk to and a lot of people just need someone to talk to because there are so many women who are alone.

Shanessa: When did you first realize you were an excellent writer?
Zane:  As a child my teachers would tell me that I was a great writer. I had a very vivid imagination as a child.  I read a lot of books and had a very strong vocabulary. My parents were both educators, one in theology and one in elementary school.  They really taught us and were very big on education.  I had a lot of competition regarding who was going to be the smartest. Both of my parents graduated as valedictorians and back in that time it was very unusual for Black children to be the valedictorian at the school. My father graduated early and grew up in North Carolina. I knew at a very early age that I was a strong visionary of the written word.

Shanessa: Where do you get these ideas for the erotic scenes in your books?  Have you lived any of these scenes?
Zane: I have but I won’t say which ones they are. It is part of my imagination, part of me being observant, and part of me being in tune with my sexuality.  I am a woman and I know what women want. I think my characters are the type of woman a lot of us would be if we did not have responsibilities, kids, obligations, or if we were not afraid to be judged by people.  That’s why the character in my book, “Nervous,” fascinated so many of the readers because the main character has multiple personalities.  The main character, Jonquinette, who is nervous around men and never had sex with a man is scared to death and totally uncomfortable with her sexuality.  Her dominant multiple is a whore and she is tired of it. She does what she wants and does not care because she is not a real person which is what I am getting at. I wrote this book about 2 women and one is a virgin and one is a whore who actually are occupying the same body to see which one readers would resonant with the most. It seems like they would have hated everything that she was doing but a lot of women were driving her like, “Oh my God she is so bold!” She was doing stuff that people would never do but probably fantasize about. She does the things that we would probably do if that whole mental block was removed. In my writing I remove that mental block. My characters are sexually liberated at the beginning of the book already or they become liberated.

Shanessa: What kinds of future projects can we expect?
Zane: I have a play based off my new book, “The Other Side of the Pillow,” that will kick off on Oct. 21 in Dallas. I also will do a radio show where I am going to interview other authors. I feel like there are not a lot of outlets to that. I have several other television and film projects in the pipeline and prepare to be shocked and awed. I am very excited about the future. My ultimate goal is to make all women feel that they are worthy and they can accomplish their goals. I want to show young ladies, in particular, that it is possible. Success does not come easy. Anything is possible as long as you believe that you can achieve. As long as it is not some alien stuff you can accomplish it if you are willing to put in the time and dedication to do it. Do not listen to dream stealers and reality stealers.

Shanessa: Well Zane I wish you loads of success and can’t wait to tune in to your future projects.

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