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Renowned Poet and Author Sanchez Gardner Q&A

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Question: You are very talented at your craft and have a talent that’s unlike any other when it comes to connecting words. What do you feel is your ultimate purpose or calling?

Answer: Actually, I’m not sure what my calling is. I write what I hear and share it with those who are interested. It seems to me as though I’m writing pieces for a future generation. A lot of poems I’ve heard and written are about things I don’t understand or have knowledge of.

Question: Regarding your poems, they are truly a gift from God. Do you have any pieces that are dear to your heart or that you use as therapeutic to help you get through the day?

Answer: There are many pieces that get me through different situations and subconsciously come to my rescue. However, I don’t have one in particular or one that’s above others.

Question: You are a good friend of Nikki Giovanni. If you would like to share, as a poet, what is some of the most inspiring or prominent advice that she has ever shared with you that may have helped change your life?

Answer: Ms. Giovanni is so full of knowledge and wisdom. It’s really hard to pinpoint one moment or one quote. Every time we talk or text it’s full of advice. However, one thing she said that comes to mind is – once we were talking and I mentioned, I would like to write like her and she said, “Sanchez you can never write like me.” I was really shocked until she explained. I could never write like her and she could never write like me because we are all individuals and have different gifts.

Question: Can we expect any collaboration with you and Nikki Giovanni in the future?

Answer: Because of Contracts and Publishing Agreements I’m not quite sure if there will be any written collaborations. We have worked on several posters and projects together.

Question: You are also an author. When we last interviewed you, you released your fifth book titled “The Book of Sanchez”. Do you have any more books that you’ve published recently?

Answer: I have 5 publications now and I plan on doing several more in the future.

Question: You also have a clothing line called Define A Black Man & Define A Black Woman. Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind this amazing endeavor?

Answer: I started doing the T-Shirts because society has allowed a poor narrative define Black Men and Women. Its very sickening and sad.

Question: I know that you have experienced many ups-and-downs on your life’s journey. What are some words-of-encouragement that you would share with individuals who are striving to be successful in their respected line of work, however, are dealing with the trials-and-tribulations of life and are going through unfortunate situations?

Answer: My advice would be to anybody, Never give up on your dreams. Always strive to be the best.

Question: How may your readers, etc., get in contact with you for engagements and to purchase your products?

Answer: Contact me by email. [email protected]. To purchase go to Google or any bookstore.

Question: Would you like to add anything in closing that we haven’t talked about before we conclude the interview?

Answer: I would like to thank Consciousness Magazine, Owners and Staff. It’s publications like this that allows the masses to see the greatness in others.

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Last modified: June 24, 2023