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Cory Byrd interview with Consciousness Magazine

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What inspired you in wanting to become a comic book artist?

Reading many types of Marvel Comics as a kid and watching cartoons.

When did you realize that you can draw?

Most likely the age of 5 years old. I used to draw silly cartoons and copy Peanuts drawings.

Briefly, explain what is the process to put together a comic book?

My process starts with “thumbnail” sketches, then I redraw those sketches on larger comic book boards (pencils and inks). I scan the art, send it to my email then transfer to the Procreate app. I clean up any mistakes or smudges and add effects/colors. Afterward I transfer this file to “Comic Draw” app and letter each page, covers and other content.

You have created many comic books that you released. Do you have a favorite one?

I love my Tooth and Nail books the most and so far, my favorite issue is #6.

Do you have a character that you created, and you fell in love with? If so, briefly tell us about this character and how it derived?

One of my favorite characters is Sapphire. She is a samurai cat (Neko) who is a beautiful and yet serious swordsman. All of the main Neko characters are loosely based on my mother in laws former cats.

Are you working on any new material and/or recently released any new projects?

Yes, in October 2023 we released a horror anthology “The Raven’s Macabre” which consist of 3 artist and writers (including myself) composing original stories. The second volume is currently in production and will release early 2024.

Where can people go to purchase your comic books?

Our comics can be purchased online physically and digitally at byrdseyeviewcomics.com.

Is there anything else that you would like to add before we close the interview?

Yes, I implore any aspiring artist, writer or creator to work hard on your passions and put it out into the world!





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Last modified: February 19, 2024