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Chardelle Moore: Motivational Speaker and Poet Encourages the Masses to Discover their Inner-Self

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Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor @IamComprehend

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Washington D.C. based multi-disciplinary artist, television personality, international motivational speaker, poet, and the founder of the multimedia communications company Motivational Moore, Chardelle Moore, regarding her new album Inward Awakening. She discusses finding her inner-self and finding her true calling. Moore also defines the songs on her highly anticipated full-length debut album, which are more than lyrical words expressed from her soul, nonetheless, timeless pieces of motivational works where she pours out her heart and mesmerizes her listeners with her creative and powerful art form.

While having a conversation with Chardelle, I could feel the positive energy in the room, as empowering words gravitated from her mouth that she spoke with confidence. Filled with an abundance of life and love, here is what Chardelle Moore has to share with the readers.

Aaron Robinson: You have a new album titled Inward Awakening. What was the inspiration behind putting together this project?

Chardelle Moore: Wow, let me tell you King, I literally had an inward awakening. In 2019, I left my job as a TV anchor at the Fox affiliate in Baltimore and I’ve always been a creative person. I’ve always loved art. I’ve always liked storytelling and poetry. I was doing my own things on the side. And I just had this spiritual calling. I could not explain it. I didn’t have it all the way figured out, but I knew I wanted to do something with consciousness and with the arts. And I can tell you one thing, creating this album…it took me two years to make it. It’s very different. It’s a multi-genre collection. I’ve worked with some of the world’s most leading media companies, but it’s totally different when you decide to embark and put your own art out there.

It’s not just the music, it’s like everything is connected. The music, spirituality, consciousness, mindset, discovering myself and it is a process. It’s definitely a journey.

Aaron: That’s great! Regarding the album, how did you choose the content of the songs?


Chardelle: Oh my goodness. I’ve been writing poetry all my life and I never knew I was going to get into music. I love it! So after work when I would do my TV stuff, I would go home and I would just spend hours dancing, writing and listen to motivational and conscious stuff. When it comes to writing inspiration, it would just come to me. It would just flow to me from God and it was for my own life experiences to empower myself. Inward Awakening, no matter where you are in life, there’s going to be a piece that will inspire you to ignite something. When I write I just allow myself to emerge in my true soul art. When I would write songs, I said, ‘I’m going to choose things that speak to my heart.’ “Wild Wild Ride”, the first song. It’s really about the duality of life and how we’re all trying to figure this thing called life out. “Fearless” is about fear – being able to overcome fear. I realize that fear is always going to be there, but you have to learn how to overcome it. “Inner Gangsta”, which is like more of a hip hop type of thing, is about everybody having that inner gangster. Everybody has this courage in them. “Self-Love Is a Beautiful Journey” represents the journey of self-love, self-awareness, healing and learning. “Africa Inside of Us” is a tribute to our ancestors, the brilliance and the beauty that we carry coming from the motherland. “Glow” is more, just a vibe, having some fun and “You Da Plug” is the last song, which is more poetry and is all about realizing that everything we need to succeed, we already have it. With Inward Awakening, as I’m getting my inward awakening, I’m inspiring people to get their inward awakening and encouraging people to be themselves.

Aaron: Let’s talk about the song “Fearless”. It’s a lot of people who needs to hear this who haven’t had the opportunity to find their gift or follow their journey due to circumstances that the world may bring. Talk more about that track and the lyrics.

Chardelle: Well, it’s interesting. It was 2018 when I wrote that track. Here I was anchoring a show, doing the news and I am terrified of putting my own art out there. And I literally wrote “Fearless” and I had a camera phone. I said, ‘I have to.’ I didn’t even realize this was the beginning of the Inward Awakening journey. I literally just did it acapella style. I put it out there and it was widely received. When I recorded it, it was straight. It wasn’t any edits or anything. I went into a vibe. You can feel how powerful that is ’cause it came from my soul.

Aaron: Wow, that’s amazing! Do you have any songs on the album that you hold more dearly to your heart than any other?


Chardelle: That’s an interesting one, but I really like “Wild Wild Ride”. It’s very different. We’ve been so programmed to think everything has to be this perfect thing that doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter who you are! Everybody has dualities, everybody has brilliance, everybody has done things that they regret and everyone is trying to figure this thing called life out. “Wild Wild Ride” is a symbolization of the human experience, connecting with the cosmos and all of us that bow. We’re all connected. That’s why I love conscious creativity because it opens the mind; it makes you realize like, “wow, I’m not alone!” It makes you think. All of us are different. Not everybody is going to be into this type of art and it is okay. For those who are called to do conscious work, it is a mission and it’s something that needs to be done.

Aaron: Absolutely, absolutely. And I can relate to that too, because this publication was a vision I had two decades ago when I was tapping more into my spirituality.

Chardelle: That’s why spirituality is so important, because everything is bigger than the physical. This is just one world. When you are willing to go on that path, that inner-self path, you will attract people that you can’t even explain it because it’s like its energy. So I could definitely say Inward Awakening is also a spiritual journey.

Aaron: Absolutely, absolutely, I agree. You are an amazing writer and music producer. When did you discover you had those abilities?

Chardelle: Since I was a little girl, I was always good at communications, writing and speech. I went to school for broadcasting; I never even knew that I could produce. When I was at Fox I was a producer. A lot of people, they knew me on air, but they don’t realize that I was producing our creative content from television commercials and segments. I already had that gift in me and I’ve always had a passion for music.


Aaron: For those who listen to Inward Awakening, what would you like for them to take away from it?

Chardelle: Wow! When people listen to Inward Awakening, I want them to realize that everything they need they already have. They come from God. They are unlimited with potential to own your inner magic; to develop a strong mindset; to have courage. Don’t be afraid to be different and really learn how to empower yourself. Nobody can really do that for you. You have to develop a sense of self of who you are going to become in this world. We’re thinking somebody going to give it to us when God is telling you, “I made only one of you already; you’re already fine.” Be who you are called to be. The only person who could define that is, you. So Inward Awakening is filled with tons of inspiration, motivation and will really motivate you to understand the importance of owning yourself belief.

Aaron: And what words of encouragement or inspiration would you share with individuals who are looking to tap into their inner-power, strength, ability in spirituality, and so forth, but may be having a challenging time doing so?

Chardelle: That’s an excellent question. I would say the first thing you have to realize is that life is a journey. A lot of times we think things are just going to happen overnight. I’m a big believer in nature. I spend a lot of time in nature. If you just you look at these trees, it took years for the tree, that seed to grow. We think that there’s a certain timeline for us to be. I don’t believe in that stuff. So, have compassion with yourself and really be open to spirituality. Spirituality will give you signs that the physical world cannot. Tapping and building a relationship with God, whoever you decide, what’s works for you is for you.

And I would also say the importance of energy is so real, whatever you put out you get back. We have to be very mindful of what we’re doing, ’cause it will come back.

Aaron: Absolutely, that’s great advice. Chardelle, before we conclude the interview, would you like to add anything that we may not have discussed or that you would like to talk about?

Chardelle: I would like to say that I’m so thankful for this conversation. I am so thankful for what you guys are doing. Consciousness is very important in life. More people are starting to be open to this. I thank you for being a trailblazer in this space. It all comes from God.

Aaron: Thank you! I appreciate that.

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Last modified: July 8, 2023