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Mark Victor Hansen: The Ambassador of Possibility

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Interviewed and written by Elder Lee M Harris, Sr.

In our world today, many struggle with defeat caused by being fed what is sometimes referred to as the ole short end of the stick. In other words, for many, life is not felt to be up to its full potential in areas of Peace, Happiness and most of all, Life’s Benefits. There are people that never reach up to the sky and say, “I want it all!” Also, there are others that are so very pleased at the bare minimum that comes their way over a total life time, and then there are that very few that says, “Sky is the limit and I’m going to do all I can to have it all!” In so many cases, there are that very few that went for it all and then selfishly stand flatfooted and says, “I went out there and got mine, now you find a way to get yours!”

Today, I have the privilege of interviewing not only a Pronounced National Voice of Hope, but also a man of Faith and Belief. He loves nothing more than sharing the knowledge that God has given him so that others may also be blessed, simply because he has been there himself, “America’s Ambassador of Possibility,” Mr. Mark Victor Hansen.

Lee Harris: Well I’m truly honored to be speaking with you today Mr. Hansen, how are you?
Mark Victor Hansen: Very good! I’m extremely happy to be doing this interview with you today and be able to help a lot of people. I want to help them have hope again in a time when most people are feeling hopeless.

LH: I understand you went on your book tour, how did it go?
MVH: We’re # 1. It’s working. We’ve been able to sell a lot of books because of good media like you!

LH: I’m happy to be talking with you because I know you’re going to inspire me also! I’d like to first start by asking you to tell me a little about yourself.
MVH: I was born in a little place called Waukegan, Illinois. I did university study with probably the smartest guy on the planet, Dr. Bookman Strafuller. I went out and tried to be him and went bankrupt. I decided that I wanted to be a speaker and found out that if you want to be a speaker, you’ve gotta write. I started writing and found out I was pretty good at it. Since then, I’ve sold one hundred million books and have written three hundred and four different books. The current two that are going to change the current economics of the world as far as I’m concerned are, “Cash in a Flash,” and “Fast Money Slow Time” (is # 1 at Amazon). The other one is called, “The Richest Kids in America: How They Earn It, How They Spend it, How You Can Too,” because when kids are only twenty percent of society, they’re one hundred percent of the future.

LH: As a youth growing up, what was it like for you as far as school, friends and so on?
MVH: Well my parents didn’t have a lot of money; they’re Danish Immigrants not with a great deal of education. They wanted more education for my brother and myself; of course, there are four of us. I started at nine years old with one paper route. I liked making money so much that I ended up with three paper routes and became an Assistant Supervisor at the news paper called The Waukegan News Sun. I began doing odd jobs from cutting hedges to mowing lawns. I later started a rock group when I was sixteen, because The Beatles came out. I really started making serious money and then that ended. Then I went to college and then started working for the minimum wage again…for around two hundred dollars a month. Because I got addicted to education, I wanted to grow up and become a University Professor. Then I started thinking, “Holy Cow! You got to start thinking about total amenity for the first time and how do we make it successful?” So I’m on that course right now by raising awareness and raising good thinking.

LH: If you would sir, please tell me about your vision, how you got started and some of the things you’re doing to educate the world through your powerful appearances on stage.
MVH: Two or three things, [1] I’ve got a seminar that I do where I talk to about a quarter of a million people a year around the world literally. The last two years I’ve been to China four times, throughout Asia, Europe and obviously, every state in America. [2] I’ve got a brand new deal out called, “wealthywriterswisdom.com.” What we’re doing with that is, I’m teaching people how that in ninety days they can start writing a book. It’s basically fill in the blanks. We have ten videos, and text. If they write seven minutes a day, they’ll have a money making book, because today, thanks to little things…Kindle and Amazon companies like, “You Publish,” they can take anything you write or photograph. We’re in a brand new world that on the internet means, that there are four and a half billion on the telephone. My hero who I love to talk about in Cash in a Flash is Dr. Mohammad Yunus. He has taken a hundred million women out of poverty with Microcredit by saying, “Hey look, you’ve got enough resources, talent and ability right now.” Lets start making money and lets get out of poverty. Let’s take you and the family forward on-and-up as you said a minute ago when we start Gods word. Let’s get this thing done and let’s make everybody better off and no one worse off.

LH: That’s powerful, very exciting!
MVH: The only short edge we have is that there is no shortage of money. We have fifty trillion dollar GMP (Gross Domestic Product). We’ve got plenty to make all the clothes we need, build all the houses, put everyone back to work. The only thing we’re lacking is consciousness awareness. Enlightened awareness means you come from abundance and create massive value for other people; then you leave a legacy. Right now we have a bunch of people that are feeding from the system; they’re counterfeiting money on Wall Street. We’re in a temporary position where the people in Washington aren’t using their brain power at all compared to what could be what our founding fathers did. Our founding fathers were brilliant spiritually filled men and women that did a heck of a job. Now we’ve got a bunch of people that aren’t paying attention to taking care of everybody. They are just taking care of themselves and stealing; as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been to both Washington and New York and it breaks my heart. The way out of that is entrepreneurship. What I’m calling it is involuntary entrepreneurship. So, everyone is going to have to be an entrepreneur again, because the big businesses is General Motors, General Dynamics, General Electric, General Food, but generally don’t want to hire anyone. (Laughing)

LH: That is so true Mark! Is there a spiritual side to your lectures?
MVH: Absolutely! I’m deeply profoundly spiritual. I believe that God is the source of all. When God’s stuff was good stuff, then the fact of the matter is, in the beginning, God created you and I. We’re in His image, then we’re here to create. What I’m busy doing and to answer your question, I’m trying to create space, so that everybody can create all the money they need, all the resources, all the relations, all the health, to make their world work by having the whole world work all over again.

LH: Today you are referred to as, “America’s Ambassador of Possibility.” How does that feel?
MVH: Here’s the deal…each one of us are born rich. God gave each of us eighteen billion brain cells. It’s our choice whether we decide to make a good decision that will make a provision that’s bigger for ourselves. When you go into Andrew Carnegie’s House in New York at 91st & 5th Avenue and the freeze is toward the ceiling, the first line he’s got is, “No man or woman can get rich without enriching all others,” The second one is, “Authors of the wealth of the world.” Those two are saying that I’m trying to be an author to uplift awareness, their consciousness, and their sense of living. What I’m trying to do here is to get everybody to be mobilized, tuned in and tuned on to their higher self, not their lower self. The lower self is always going to be there. It’s your job and mind as people of consciousness to minimize it and squash the fear. Confront your fears and make them disappear…

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Last modified: April 16, 2023