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Hosny Bronx Q&A with Consciousness Magazine

Hosny Bronx Q&A with Consciousness Magazine
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Hosny Bronx Q&A with Consciousness Magazine

Hosny Bronx Q&A with Consciousness Magazine

Q. Tell us a little about Hosny Bronx.

What pushed me into music was growing up in the ghetto. You don’t really have much to do except music or sports. That’s how it is. We don’t have many other choices. I was immersed in music, so I continued.

I had the choice between making music or doing what many brothers do in the ghetto, you know what I mean. I grew up like that, like all the ghetto guys in the world. I preferred to take the path of music.


What inspired you to get into Reggae music? When you are working on your music, where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration doesn’t come all the time, it depends. There is also the fact that I don’t force myself too much you see, as I already work on tracks. When I create a new track, I create the skeleton of the song and when I see that the track is interesting, I dress it. I start to make the bass, the guitar, the pianos, the percussions, drums, lead and backing vocals…everything. At the same time I’m working on my new album. I’m constantly searching in my head.

It is not difficult to have inspiration with everything that’s happening today in this world, I tell you frankly. Inspiration is the world we live in.


Who are or has been some of your greatest influences in music?

My musical influences are very varied, from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Hugh Mundell to Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder… full of artists. I also like rock, Queen, Peter Gabriel… Hip Hop too, Tupac, Notorious BIG. RnB, funk….

I listen to a lot of music styles. I was immersed in all these musical styles in the ghetto. I really like the old sounds but also the new sounds of today.


Over the course of your career, who has been some of the artist that you had an opportunity to work with?

I worked with the Wailers, the musicians of Bob Marley, almost the entire Wailers team. I’ve worked with people who have worked with Michael Jackson, Metallica, Alicia Keys, major Jamaican producers. I work with a lot of people, you know, big names. We work together; I really enjoy working with these people because they bring me what I need.


You recently released two remastered tracks “Dance as A Lion” and “Earth and Us”. Why did you choose to remaster these tracks, and. Are there any more remastered tracks set for release in the future?

I remastered those tracks because the old masters didn’t suit me. The ones I made in New York, I wasn’t happy, so I wanted to remastered them because I thought I would really have the sounds as I wanted to hear them. And now I really hear them as I wanted, with a bigger sound, more powerful. I remastered several tracks; I remastered almost the whole “New Moment” Album, except 3 tracks mastered in Kingston, Jamaica.


What words of encouragement would you share with upcoming or aspiring artist?

What I can say to an emerging artist is simply: don’t listen to anyone, just believe in yourself. Don’t believe in any contract if you haven’t signed with your signature. You need a contract that is really serious with benefits for you. Never sign a contract with a record company in distribution where they put everything on your back, they make advances to you and then it is you who will have to repay everything.

Just believe in yourself and you’ll be fine. Make your music really honestly; don’t make music for record companies or for business. If the business has to come, it will come. Take the business as it comes but don’t change your behavior.


When it comes to conquering personal adversities and overcoming challenges in life, what is a statement or phrase that Hosny Bronx lives by?

Always pay attention to inattention, this is my phrase that prevails me to overcome personal adversity and overcome life’s challenges.

Pay attention to inattention is to say that you pay attention to everything, that’s it, you know. I won’t talk too much because otherwise your interview will be 5 pages but you know, I’m very disappointed with the world in which we live, the attitude of many people.


Where can fans and music listeners go to listen to your music?

You can check out all information on social networks:


Twitter: @hosnybronx

Facebook: rockersrastaman/

Instagram: hosnybronx_official

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/hosnybronx

Youtube: Hosny Bronx / thereggaerockworld

Hosny Bronx Team Contact: [email protected]


Would you like to add anything in closing?

In conclusion, I will say, may peace reigns in the world, for all children, all women, all men but also all animals. May peace reigns and people wake up before the earth explodes in our faces, ecology is our future.

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