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Beverly K Johnson Motivational Life Coach and Owner of Genesys Fitness

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Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor @iamcomprehend

Beverly K Johnson, Zumba instructor, motivational life coach and owner of Genesys Fitness continues to use her practices and the experiences she endured over the years to empower and make a positive difference in many womens lives. Caring for others is not only a passion for Johnson, as she believes in the betterment of women to become their ideal-self, despite the situations they have been through in their lives.

Here is what Beverly K Johnson has to share with the readers.

Aaron Robinson: What inspired you to want to be not only a Zumba instructor but also a motivational life coach and fitness trainer?

Beverly K Johnson: When I started my journey as an instructor, I had no idea that my journey would include the coaching aspect. After class, I had students asking me about specific health topics. That’s when I earned my certification as a personal trainer. As my confidence grew, I began speaking and discovered that I had insight that resonated with other people.

Aaron: Your fitness business name is called Genfit (Genesys Fitness). What inspired this amazing and unique name?

Beverly: Oddly enough, Genesys was not the original name. I had a list of ten names for my business and it was NOT on the list. I went out to find the domain name and every name was taken. As I sat there frustrated, I asked myself- “What’s the overall goal for my services?” I told myself that my goal is to provide solutions, offer a new path to a healthy lifestyle… A genesis. Then I added the Y in the word to add a flair to it.

Aaron: You have a community named GenFit for women who recognize the need to reclaim their lives. How may an individual become involved or partake in this community?

Beverly: To join the community, I encourage everyone to join our Facebook group, “Fitness DEVAS”.  As part of the community, you’ll receive health tips, motivation, and practical tips on how to navigate your wellness journey.


Aaron: Do you have any advice for those individuals who are looking to better their life when it comes to their physical and mental health, however, have a challenging time doing so?

Beverly: It’s always overwhelming when embarking on a wellness journey. There’s so much information circulating that it’s easy to become confused. Where there’s confusion, there’s hesitation to start something new.

I would encourage everyone to first establish what your goals are. It’s one thing to say, “I want to lose weight.” It’s not specific and no action is required when you change the narrative to, “I want to lose 10 pounds in 90 days.” From setting your goal, you can create the steps to achieve. The key is to create small, manageable steps.

Aaron: As a successful Zumba instructor, motivational life coach and fitness trainer, what words of encouragement would you share with young women who are looking to go into your line of work?

Beverly: I would tell any young woman:

  •       Learn as much as you can about your craft.
  •       Collaborate with your community.
  •       Progress over perfection.
  •       Have fun!



Aaron: How may one get a hold of you if they are interested in training or learning from you?

Beverly: I can be reached through email, and we’d set up a consultation from there.

Aaron: Does Beverly K Johnson have a phrase or statement that she lives by? Is so, do you mind sharing it with us?

Beverly: One statement that keeps me motivated is: “Show up every day and do your best. Enjoy the journey and don’t forget to take care of yourself!”

Aaron: Beverly, would you like to add anything else before we conclude the interview?

Beverly: Thank you so much for the opportunity to chat with you today! I’ve enjoyed our conversation.






Social Media Pages:

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/beverlykjohnson/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/genesysfitness

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/bevkjohnson

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Last modified: July 2, 2023