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VaShawn Mitchell: Judge of “How Sweet the Sound” (Interview)

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Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge


For the last 16 years, VaShawn Mitchell continues to become a well-known voice in the gospel industry. His chart-topping single “Nobody Greater” was named Billboard’s Gospel song of the year, topping the charts for 9 weeks. He has been successful combining his contemporary gospel sound with a tradition vibe that has a cross-over appeal, releasing songs that resulted in top selling songs recordings.

I (Consciousness Magazine) had the privilege to interview the talented VaShawn Mitchell. He was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to talk about his latest happenings. Also, excited to be a judge for Verizon’s How Sweet The Sound celebration, here is what the gospel artist had to share.

Tocarra Eldridge: You are one of the judges for the How Sweet the Sound. How does it feel to be a part of this event?
VaShawn Mitchell: It is an amazing feeling to be apart of How Sweet the Sound, because Verizon Wireless, along with all the partners for How Sweet the Sound is offering an amazing opportunity for choirs around the world – to kind of keep choir music and gospel music in the forefront of the people.

TE: What are some of the things that you look forward to learn or accomplish as being a judge for How Sweet the Sound?
VM: I look forward to being that ear and voice that can assist the choirs, even if they need some good advice to continue on getting better or those that need good knowledge on how to perfect their craft. I look forward to being apart of such a great panel of judges. I’m sure it’s going to be a learning experience for me as well.

TE: What sparked your interest of wanting to be a director of music ministry?
VM: I don’t know if it was my interest at first. I always wanted to be around gospel music. When I was a kid – my grandmother tells stories about how when I was 6 or 7, they would stand me on a folding chair to direct the choir, because I would copy the director so much I knew how to do it. It just became a part of my life to direct and teach choirs. I’m from Chicago, and its so many great choirs that I grew up around. So, I guess it’s just part of my destiny.

TE: What was your inspiration to your hit song “Nobody Greater”?
VM: When I created this record, everybody was like ‘hey man I lost my home, I lost my job or I can’t get financial this.’ People were going through a lil’ recession problem. So, I wanted to do a record, a whole record, not just “Nobody Greater.” That’s just the lead song. I wanted to do a whole project that would encourage people and inspire people that God is our source and not our resource, and that we can depend upon a God who can do anything.

TE: What can listeners and fans expect from your album Created4This as opposed to Triumphant?
VM: Well listen, I am very clear that I cannot duplicate what God did with “Nobody Greater.” So, what I decided to do, was build off of the sound. That is – people regardless of demolition, culture, background, in church, out of church – they need the same sound of empowerment and encouragement. So, this record is definitely the next stage of VaShawn Mitchell. It is more than just a song, it is definitely a brand. This project is destined to empower a body of people who will listen to the messages behind the songs.

TE: As a young thriving and prosperous gospel artist, what message would you share with young people who are looking to better themselves spiritually?
VM: I encourage all young people, first of all, to better yourselves spiritually is to stay in the word of God. Read your word. If you have an IPhone, IPad, Blackberry, or whatever you got, [if] you have any bible apps…stay in the word of God. Continue to feed your spirit. Living a life of praise and worship will help you keep your relationship with God. A lot of young people have goals and visions and dreams. I want them to understand that those goals, visions and dreams can be accomplished through your relationship with God. If you have praise and worship time and your word time, he will give you those answers to those goals and visions and how to get to the place where you want to be at.

TE: Would you like to add anything in conclusion?
VM: In conclusion, I just want to encourage people to stay in touch with me – VaShawn Mitchell Facebook.com, VaShawn Mitchell Twitter.com, VaShawnMitchell.com. I am excited about what God is doing for not only me, but for all the gospel artist who are taking their stand on taking gospel to the forefront and bringing the messages of life, love and encouragement to the world. Keep in touch with me!


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