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Viddy Co-founder JJ Aguhob (Interview)

Have you ever wondered what it is like to create and develop some of the most intriquing innovative products and technologies?

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to create and develop some of the most intriquing innovative products and technologies? JJ Aguhob, one of the founders of Viddy, Inc. shares with us some of his most prominent technologies. With more than 12 years of experience, Aguhob has been recognized for many of his initiatives in the technology industry. Some of his works include the Xdrive and PluggedIn. He has also worked as the Principal Product Manager at AOL, the Director of Creative Services at Intermix, RB and Myspace, just to name a few. Along with him, his co-partner Brett O’Brien has been the creative force behind Viddy, a mobile video application that enables users to shoot, beautify and share video clips. Viddy features some of the latest music from musical artist such as Incubus, and T-Pain, to recording groups such as Mindless Behavior.

JJ Aguhob took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with Consciousness Magazine. Here is what he had to say about Viddy, his career and his product and technology initiatives.
Tocarra Eldridge: You’ve made a significant role in the internet world from working with start-ups to global corporations. What was your motivation behind wanting to develop innovative products and technology?
JJ Aguhob: The motivation comes out of my passion for technology. Just looking at landscape opportunities…just pretty much looking to the future and coming up with products that the consumers want. It’s my passion for technology.


TE: You are the co-founder of the Viddy app along with Brett O’Brien. When was this app initiated?
JJ: In December 2010 is when we incorporated the business.

TE: How was the app initiated (the creative process)?
JJ: We initially talked about different ideas. I designed earlier iterations of the product. Once we had a solid prototype, we went and built it out with a solid technology team. We showed it to a bunch of people and they got really excited and wanted to help fund the product.


TE: What advantages are there to the Viddy app, and how does it differentiate from other music or video apps?
JJ: Well the real differentiation is really the strong creative community. It allows you to easily transform videos into something worth sharing. It’s not always easy pulling off videos. However, we make it simple and easy to pull off. This helps foster the creative community which is the main difference between the other apps.

TE: What particular age group would you find taking advantage of this ground-breaking app?
JJ: We initially started with teenagers to college kids who of course have a whole lot of free time and are much more open to testing products. We’re now getting the mainstream demographics, from early adults even to the 24-35 age demographics. We are seeing a shift from kids just having a bunch of free time to a much more mainstream adaption of younger adults and older demographics.


TE: In regards to technology, you were the Principal Product Manager at AOL, the Director of Creative Services at RB, Intermix, and MySpace. While working with these companies, did any of your positions ever become overwhelming?
JJ: No, it’s funny. (Laughs) I’ve always worked with entrepreneurial people and was surrounded with great mentors as well. It really never felt like work, it was more like just an amazing learning experience. I feel so blessed to have worked with so many people at so many great companies. Work never really felt like work! I always chose products that I’ve always had a passion for. Just never felt like work to me.

TE: What role do you play in the music industry? JJ: Prior to Viddy, I worked for Ticketmaster Entertainment as the head of digital services. Within that capacity I worked with top artist, helping them figure out there digital strategies. When I was working with the music industry I had exposure to great talent.


TE: You were a part of Artist Nation at Live Nation Entertainment. Would you like to tell us a little about that?
JJ: Sure. I joined shortly after the announcement that Ticketmaster and Live Nation was going to join together to form Ticketmaster Entertainment. I worked with the Art of Service team that lead strategies to show artist how to properly engage there audience online.

TE: Would you like to add anything else before we conclude the interview?
JJ: No, just that everyone should download Viddy! (Laughs) It’s a great service!


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