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Seattle Sutton, A Courageous Woman

It’s sad and poignant that everyone knows someone who has battled breast cancer. Once you are informed that you or a loved one has Cancer, you

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Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge

It’s sad and poignant that everyone knows someone who has battled breast cancer. Once you are informed that you or a loved one has Cancer, your world will be perpetually changed. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it is very important that women are properly educated on this critical topic. According to the Centers for Disease Control, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year. Nevertheless, countless women can survive breast cancer if it’s detected and treated early.  I am honored to have recently had the opportunity to help spread awareness to the breast cancer cause, as well as highlight Mrs. Seattle Sutton www.SeattleSutton.com, an astonishing individual who has dedicated her career to helping people improve their health and eating habits, focusing on maintaining a well-balanced diet. Entrepreneur and breast cancer survivor Seattle Sutton has an intimate talk with Consciousness Magazine, sharing her story, challenges in which she endured, and advice on how she beat the disease.

Mrs. Sutton was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 1999 by a routine mammogram. After consulting with her late husband, who was a physician, and her surgeon, Mrs. Sutton decided to undergo a modified radical mastectomy. She shares her initial reaction after her cancer was discovered and diagnosed. “My first reaction was Oh No! I knew that I had to move forward quickly. In fact that same day a sonogram was done, and I was directed to my physician, plus a surgeon. Things moved very swiftly,” expresses Mrs. Sutton who was determined to fight and beat the battle of breast cancer. Mrs. Sutton’s strong support system was very vital to her treatment and recovery course. Her husband and three daughters were right by her side every step of the way, cheering her on throughout the entire process.

Mrs. Sutton did very well as far as the modified radical mastectomy surgery was concerned. Soon after surgery she was given a choice to follow up with chemo therapy. No words can describe the fatigue and side effects in which chemo therapy brings. “I had a few doses of chemo and felt miserable!” She continues to speak. “My surgeon told me that he thought it was simply a bump in the road and that they think they removed all of the cancer. During the surgery they checked my lymph nodes and they were all clean. I ended up dropping the chemo therapy and going on Tamoxifen for 5 years,” genuinely says Mrs. Sutton.

Emotions and mind-set are an essential part of coping with a cancer diagnosis. Staying positive can help improve a cancer patient’s quality of life. It is rare to meet someone who is incredibly optimistic, possessing a great deal of courage and strength; nonetheless, I had the honor of conversing with Mrs. Sutton who happens to possess all of these qualities. She gives us details on how she stayed positive during the tough moments, and how her optimistic mind-set effected her treatment and recovery. “I’m an optimistic person, and I really felt that they removed all of the cancer. I recovered from the surgery very quickly, because I’m in very good health. I wanted to be optimistic for my husband, our 5 children, their spouses, our 14 grandchildren and now also 4 great grandsons. I wanted to show them how tough I am. (laugh),” states Mrs. Sutton who was not taking losing the battle as an option.

Mrs. Sutton is world renowned as the founder of Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, providing nutritionally balanced, convenient, and freshly prepared meal plans for anyone desiring healthful eating. She tells readers what makes her thriving meal program so unique. “Nobody in the world is doing what we’re doing for people at Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating. As a nurse I knew that I had come up with a very good idea while helping my husband in his family practice office. I realized a lot of people don’t want to be in the kitchen cooking, and I decided that I could really help them with their menu plans by doing it for them,” she sincerely says. Mrs. Sutton stresses the importance of a well-balanced diet. “You should eat a balanced diet that includes fresh fruit and salads… actually it’s my diet plan. That’s what we serve.” She continues to express the significance of noble well-being. “Good health is the greatest asset that people have in their life! I know sometimes people think it’s their new car or new home, but it’s not! People need to take control of their life and their health,” eagerly explains Mrs. Sutton.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, yet determined to assure that her business would survive and continue thrive, Mrs. Sutton decided to make various changes by greatly involving her daughters and grandchildren. “I immediately started delegating things to my daughters, and made sure they understood the business well. I think it’s so important that when you start a business that you surround yourself with really ambitious, good, hard-working, honest people. I think that’s the kind of management that we have at our headquarters.”

As we conclude the interview, Mrs. Sutton gives a superb message and shares some remarkable advice for others who may be going through this strenuous battle with breast cancer. “The reason I like to have interviews like this is because I feel that it’s an opportunity to give others hope. When they’re first notified it’s quite devastating. It gives other people hope that their recovery can be very good like mine.” Mrs. Sutton is gratified while giving people hope and letting them know that they can still be happy and active as a breast cancer survivor. “Here I am enjoying every day, even more than I did previously. I appreciate every day of my life. I think I’m giving hope to many people by coming out and stating that I am a 13 year breast cancer survivor,” excitedly expresses Mrs. Sutton.  After undergoing surgery, treatment and recovery to become cancer-free, Mrs. Sutton is a profound example of an amazing woman eager to take control of her own well-being.

For more information about Seattle Sutton please visit www.SeattleSutton.com or call 1.800.442.3438.


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