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Roderick Sherwood Receives Corporate Excellence Award

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Roderick Sherwood Receives Corporate Excellence Award “Children Uniting Nations 2013 Awards Celebration and Viewing Dinner”

Interviewed and written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

For many decades, Rod Sherwood has been a highly dynamic force behind some of the largest companies in the world, being the driving growth to many of their successes. His background consists of serving on the DIRECTV Executive Committee, Senior VP for Gateway, and Chairman and CEO of Cinemoi North America. With numerous honors in his life, Roderick was also honored for his work at the Children Uniting Nations 2013 Awards Celebration and Viewing Dinner, receiving a Corporate Excellence Award for all of his contributions and time put forward for our youth of tomorrow.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Roderick Sherwood in regards to him receiving this magnificent award. He demonstrates his gratification and passion for the youth and for Children Uniting Nations (CUN). “The key thing is I just wanted to support Children Uniting Nations. Last year and at the beginning of this year we made sure that we continued to serve all of our needed children. I think the mentoring program that Children Uniting Nations does, as well as offering community sports program are key to disadvantaged youth having a much higher graduation rate in high school.” Rod expresses his contribution to CUN. “It’s central for foster care and I just want to be there to help see and provide that service to the communities. I just think that’s the primary reason that I’m being awarded. It means a great deal to me.”

Roderick Sherwood is the Chairman and CEO of Cinemoi North America, a media channel that provides programming that has conscious content to uplift individuals. He discusses how this company has had a connection to CUN. “Obvious our role at Cinemoi, we have some joint events with CUN, who has been a factor in terms of providing corporate support as far as the charity events are concerned. I think it’s very important for corporate to stand up to be counted. It really makes a difference in the community as in terms of positive social changes and making sure that the foster care youth or the disadvantaged youth are watched out for in proper education,” clearly expresses Roderick.

Having an education in management, and graduating with high honors from Harvard Graduate School of Business and Stanford University, the master-minded business executive shares some typical advice for individuals who are looking to run a successful business. “Well I think it’s important to understand the key driving point behind a company. First, have a very clear sense of priorities and have them in sequence. Don’t try to do everything at once, but definitely drive forward; then understand what untimely makes a difference in terms of success, whether it is programming content, marketing or promotions of the various programs.”

As a big supporter of Daphna Ziman, founder of Children Uniting Nations. Mr. Sherwood speaks on their collaborations and future collaborations in the future. “I think the channel itself is a tremendous source of collaborations. That collaboration will continue on as we expand on to international areas, per say, over time. Some other things we will be looking at in the future would be possibly either a film distribution company or other potential channels.”

Excited to get the word out to the people in regards to the 2013 Children Uniting Nations 2013 Awards Celebration and Viewing Dinner, Roderick Sherwood continues to share his grand support. As a candidate, to being rewarded, he expresses the anticipation of the community, in hopes that they persist on showing their support for such a wonderful event. “[I look forward to] everyone in the community, both business community and the entertainment community, being together really supporting both the Oscar events for Children Uniting Nations as well as those future events as they venture into those schools,” articulates Roderick. He voices his last thought. “At the end it makes a difference between life, a happy life and not so good or positive outcome. [We saw] how the community as a whole opened up their heart and their financial support for Children Uniting Nations and really helped put time forth for their future.”


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Last modified: April 16, 2023