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LaTavia Roberson interview with Consciousness Magazine

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Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview LaTavia Roberson, who is an amazing singer, flourishing entrepreneur and most of all, a delightful mother. LaTavia is a founding member of the best-selling girl groups and Grammy Award-winning R&B group of all time Destiny’s child.

Recognized as a star before her time, LaTavia is proof that one can overcome obstacles and struggles. As an ultimately strong woman, she never gives up on her dreams and goals that she set out to accomplish. She is a true believer that one can excel and make their dreams come true as she continues to soar like the phoenix bird, while accomplishing amazing endeavors in television, radio and the music industry.

Here is what LaTavia Roberson has to share with the readers regarding her life, career, reality shows, philanthropist work, and so on.

Tocarra Eldridge: I’m so grateful that you are willing to conduct this interview with Consciousness Magazine today.
LaTavia Roberson: No problem, thank you!

Tocarra: You produced two new reality shows. Would you like to tell us a little about these amazing endeavors?
LaTavia: I’ve been so blessed to be able to get the opportunity to be able to do these things. I’ve always loved to be behind the scenes. One is about my life and other single mothers – what we as women deal with every day when the men go to work. Another one is about men in the industry and what’s going on with their lives. These men have had wonderful careers and have had great songs. No one knows what’s really going on with them, because this industry is like really really really mean at certain times! Nobody pays attention; they don’t care about what has happened to these wonderful men. We see women on TV all the time. I just want to bring light to that because I’ve wondered what has happened.

Tocarra: Nice! After leaving the R&B group Destiny’s Child, in one of your interviews you mentioned that you struggled with depression, molestation and addiction. How did you overcome these obstacles?
LaTavia: I know it may sound very cliché but I did look to God. I was told by God that I didn’t leave the group. I was dismissed from the group; I did not leave. I looked to God and I was told to give back. That’s why I take this journey so serious. I speak to young girls about being a part of the [music] industry, and being women of empowerment. It has lead me to do something that is so wonderful to my soul, to my heart…something that I am dear to. That’s what helped me get through a lot.

Tocarra: What would you say to struggling women who may feel as if they want to give up on life?
LaTavia: The only thing that I can say to those young woman that feel that they want to give up on life is be true to yourself, know who you are, and love who you are. Don’t listen to anything somebody says to you that is very harsh. Love who it is that you look at in the mirror every morning when you go into the bathroom and you look at yourself. Love who you are! No one is going to love you more that you can love yourself. If you don’t love you, nobody else can love you.

Tocarra: Absolutely! I agree. LaTavia, you have taking out the time to invest your knowledge and time into aspiring artist. What lead you to take out the time to reach back to help them to become successful?
LaTavia: The reason why I take out my time to reach back out to other aspiring artist is because I’m somebody that has been at their low. God told me to give back; I think that it’s important. I think that it’s a very positive things for me to reach out to single mothers and for me to reach out to aspiring artist. I’ve always wanted people to have the best for their lives. I think that they need to understand that there is a point in their lives – that you just need to be passionate about what it is that you do. I don’t have a problem inspiring them to reach for their goal. I think it’s important for them to do what they want to do but understand that it’s a cutthroat industry and they just need to do what they do that pleases them. Do what it is for you, not for everybody else, and then everybody else will fall in line because it is what you want to do.

Tocarra: Do you have any advice or words-of-encouragement that you would like to share with aspiring vocalist, songwriters, actresses, etc.?
LaTavia: Yes, the advice that I have, I almost just touched on it a little bit. For anybody that’s an aspiring artist, vocalist, actor, singer, or anything, just make sure that it is something that you want to do because if you love what you want to do then the people will love you. Make sure that you love it as much as you want the people to love you. If you don’t love what you’re doing, then people are not going to pay attention. Stay true to yourself.

Tocarra: You are also a public speaker and is involved in Philanthropy works as you spoke of a few moments ago. What was the inspiration behind you wanting to give back? What gives you that push?
LaTavia: The thing that makes me want to give back so much… I only speak about things that I’ve been through, because I’ve been through a lot. While at my lowest, God told me to give back; give back, give back, give back!  Even if I don’t have anything, the one thing that I do have, the one thing that I can give back, is myself. It made me be this great person that I love. I feel great when I give back – when I’m talking and when I give myself to people. There’s no dollar sign that could be placed on that. I’m a regular person just like everyone else. And yes, I go through things like everybody else go through things, yes I do. It gives my heart justice to be able to do that.


Tocarra: You have made many great accomplishments. What’s next for LaTavia Roberson?
LaTavia: What’s next for me is to continue to be a great mother, first of all. I love being a mother more than anything. I love that I’m a woman that stands on her own two feet. I am doing and accomplishing things that I’ve never thought that I could do. Being an entrepreneur, going out to speak to these young ladies about becoming entrepreneurs, starting my own businesses, and being behind the scenes – I love that! So, the next thing that’s for me, we never know! I’m about to finally put out my book and executive produce my own shows. I love that!

Tocarra: Thank you so much for your time.
LaTavia: My pleasure! Thank you very much!

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