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Felicia Douglas, CEO of The Legacy Group: Tips for Building, Enhancing and Preserving Wealth

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Written by Aaron Robinson – Editor

Felicia Douglas is the CEO of The Legacy Group, a full-service financial institution that focuses on serving the community by offering expertise when it comes to Estate, Retirement, Financial Planning, Medicare/Medicaid Benefits, all lines of insurance, and 401K/IRA Rollovers. Located in Greenville, South Carolina, the registered Financial Consultant and Insurance Professional have gained clients throughout the Southeast region. Douglas has also been involved in many community outreach programs, having the opportunity to empower individuals about regarding their finances. Here is what she shared with the readers in regards to savings, retirement and much more.

Inspiration to Starting The Legacy Group
I have been with the law firm for over ten years. And I saw a lot of people coming in where proper planning was not in place and it ended up costing them, their family and loved ones a lot of money. That inspired me to [want to] help people process information.I wanted to be on point and able to encourage individuals to make sure that they have their affairs in order and to do proper planning where they’re building and enhancing, as well as preserving their wealth. That’s how the legacy group was built. That’s how we are where we are today.

Secret to Surviving in a Fluctuating Economy
The economical environment that we were in for a number of years has been really a high service time for The Legacy Group. One of our motives is to secure investment planning. Once a person goes into the strict aspect of retirement, we position these individuals to secure retirement accounts so they can sleep at night. No matter what the market does, their funds are secured. They can protect their funds and watch them grow at the same time.

Advice for Budgeting and Planning for the Holidays
Use cash oppose to credit cards…shop alone. We have a tendency to shop with others sometimes, that may cause us to spend a little bit more than we really can afford. A lot of times we get caught up in tradition.

What People Overlook While Securing Future Personal and Family Finances
[People tend to overlook] consistency. Realize this is a process, and not everything happens overnight. A lot of times we get frustrated in not seeing the results from the goals that we may have set. Of course, the first thing we need to do is make realistic goals. We can start with small goals and once you reach that goal then you can increase your goals. I wouldn’t set something high that will be difficult to reach.

How Struggling Business Owners and Individuals Begin to Plan for Retirement
I would encourage people to set up a retirement outside of their employer and continue to fund it monthly. They would need to set up a financial goal or retirement goal of what they would like to receive. It doesn’t depend on their age. I would encourage you to set up individuals retirement accounts because it could triple compound over the years and you will have a really nice nest egg outside of your retirement, especially the days we are in. People don’t stay on the job 30 years like years ago.

Closing Message
Set your own financial goals. Just remember, building, enhancing and preserving your wealth. And it doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you are a retiree or senior, it is never too late to start taking those steps.


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Last modified: April 16, 2023