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Dating advice for the New Year: Advice from Tammi Pickle expert matchmaker

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t’s a new year and if you’re single and interested in finding the right person, then look no further. I have been a matchmaker and dating expert for the last 21 years. What is a matchmaker you may ask? Elite Connections is a family owned and operated matchmaking agency that has been in business for 27 years. We have a very large and private database. We personally meet, screen, interview, and background search all our clients. We make appropriate matches with other quality prescreened professionals. Once all clients approve to meet each other, we then set up the match. We get and give feedback on all matches and continue the search until we find our client, or “the one” they have been searching for. Some tips that I give my clients that can help their chances in finding the right person are…


Be open-minded in finding the right person. So many times, we have a skewed view of the type of person that we think we need to be with. Be open with age, profession, location and what the person looks like. Being open to different possibilities will broaden our options along with our minds. Character, personality, similarities, and chemistry are important things you should be looking for.


Be positive, upbeat, and outgoing. Don’t be a downer about all the drama in your life. No Ex bashing. Try not to be negative at all. We all want to be with someone that is optimistic, positive, uplifting, and enjoyable to be around. So be that person that people gravitate too and want to spend their time with.


Don’t play games. If you want to spend time with them let them know that. Show them you care and are thinking of them. Ask to see them and spend time with them. Make plans and show interests in someone you care about. Stay in touch and let them know you have and will make some time for them.

Build a strong foundation. Having a strong friendship and foundation is the key to a successful relationship. Open yourself up and let that person into your life, let them know the real you and fully invest in learning about them as well. This takes time but you must be open, upfront, and honest to be able to let someone deep into your heart and be able to dive deep into theirs.

Communication is so important. Letting someone know what you need and want from them. So many times, my clients tell me or their friends what they want from the person they are dating. If you don’t tell the person you are building the relationship with, then they will never know. No one can read our minds, so don’t make them. Be upfront and honest and give someone that opportunity to meet your expectations.

Have fun and enjoy getting to know new people. Enjoy life, spend time with people that lift you up. Live life to the fullest, make plans and keep yourself busy with the ones we love. Wishing everyone love, health, happiness, and a wonderful New Year.



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Last modified: June 27, 2023