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Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge

The Owner of Raw Foods, Brad Gruno, has just come out with a new chip called Brad’s Kale Chips. I was granted an interview with the healthy food eater. Here is what he had to share with the readers about a healthy eating lifestyle and his forthcoming book Brad’s Raw Made Easy.

Tocarra Eldridge: In order to live a healthy lifestyle, what should an individual be conscious of and live by on an everyday basis to not forget why they want to live a healthier lifestyle?
Brad Gruno: We have to definitely be conscious of what we eat. We are what we eat. We want to be conscious of eating the proper foods, because we want to live a vibrant life. You must have good healthy raw foods in order to live a vibrant life.

Tocarra: At one point in your life you had high-cholesterol and couldn’t sleep through the night due to having insomnia. How did you overcome these health issues?
Brad: I changed my diet to eating more raw foods. Today probably 80% of my diet is living raw foods, which include fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. When I changed my diet and loss 40 pounds, along with the proper exercise, my cholesterol came down to perfect. The biggest thing that helped me sleep through the night was cutting down alcohol. It’s eating a healthier diet, not eating late at night and cutting back on the alcohol. When you eat late at night, your body is in digestive mode all night and tends to keep you up.

Tocarra: You intake raw foods such as kale and veggie chips on a daily basis. Can you enlighten us on the difference between eating raw veggie foods as opposes to eating them cooked or eating other foods not listed in the vegetable food group?
Brad: Number 1, it’s alive, meaning it has living enzymes in the food which aid digestion for our bodies. If you eat food that is not alive, it’s not aiding your digestion. That’s why we need to eat more living raw food to aid our digestion. So, it’s all about the enzymes that aid our digestion.

Tocarra: You’re releasing a new book titled Brad’s Raw Made Easy. What was the inspiration to putting together this brilliant book?
Brad: It inspired me to get a book out to the public because I made it very easy for myself. I’m an easy, simple person. I felt as if I’m able to do it that everyone is able to do it. There are other books out there that are way too difficult to follow the recipes, and it just wasn’t easy. I felt like I had to get this out to everyone else to let them know it’s not as hard as they make it out to be.

Tocarra: In your new book, what kind of recipes can individuals anticipate preparing in hopes of eating healthier and having a healthier lifestyle?
Brad: The recipes are very easy recipes. It’s just eating with more fruits, vegetable, seeds and nuts. I wanted to get that out to aspire Americans to eat healthier.

Tocarra: You also mention a 60 day cleanse, with 30 of those days of those consuming 100% raw foods. Is there a certain challenge a person should be ready to take on in order to break their everyday eating habits?
Brad: In my book I give a day by day instruction to hold someone’s hand to go through this. I teach them how to get out of eating a lot of processed cooked foods. For the first two weeks I wean them down from eating processed foods to more raw foods. I give day by day instructions on what to eat and how to eat for those 30 days to cleanse. Then for the last two weeks I wean them back on an 80/20 diet.

Tocarra: A lot of individuals seem to think that it takes more time and effort out of there day in order to eat a healthy diet. Do you feel as though eating healthy is much more time consuming as opposed to an unhealthy diet?
Brad: Absolutely not! It was easier for me, because my breakfast consists of a kale green smoothie which I can make in a couple of minutes in a blender. It taste fantastic compared to cooking my traditional eggs, bacon and toast which will take me a half hour to cook and an half hour to clean up…when I can have a kale green smoothie in a matter of minutes. It was 100% easier for me.

Tocarra: What advice would you share with individuals who have no ambition or do not know where to begin to have a healthier lifestyle?
Brad: Yes, because I was in that boat. There are a lot of groups, raw food and healthy eating groups. What inspired me was to get around other people that eat healthy. Being around those people is what kept me on track. I would go to raw food restaurants everyday just to get inspired. I would go to health food stores all of the time asking questions. Anybody can google ‘raw food meet up groups’ and get around those people and dive into it that way. They inspire you because they are feeling better. You just have to put yourself around it more and more.

Tocarra: Would you like to add anything in closing that we haven’t discussed before we close the interview?
Brad: I think if anybody else wants any additional information, we offer a lot of free services and information on our website. If anybody has any questions, feel free to email your questions to us. We don’t even charge for that. Just by going to our website we have a lot of free things there to help and inspire people. I just appreciate you for reaching out, and hopefully I can just get one person to think about eating healthier.


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Last modified: April 16, 2023