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Actress Victoria Wallace on Latest Film

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Interviewed and written by Tocarra Eldridge- @TocarraMusicWorld

I had the opportunity to interview actress and producer, Victoria Wallace. Spiritual, down-to-earth and passionate about her craft, Victoria is not only living her dream, but has a purpose in life. Victoria has played numerous roles in theater and television. Some of her television roles include “Gurlz: Not Your Average Girls”, “Perspective” and “Makeup X Breakup”, just to name several.

Here is what Victoria Wallace has to share with the readers regarding her latest happenings.

Tocarra: Briefly, can you tell us about the new film The Christmas Lottery that premiered on the BET network?

Victoria: It’s about a family that has won the lottery that brings the 3 daughters back together. They’re living three completely different lives. A lot of families are not always perfect. The family has to pass out little personal differences amongst them. The character I play is Cherry. I come in as a little bit of a surprise as one of the sisters. It’s a great warm heart-felt fun film.

Tocarra: You worked with such a talented cast. How was that experience for you?

Victoria: The experience working on that film was so great! Everyone was super professional, fun, down-to-earth, and funny. Especially in the mist of this pandemic, it was a blessing to even be able to do it. It was really great!

Tocarra: What would you want viewers to take away once they watch the movie?

Victoria: What I think viewers will take away or should take away is that no family is perfect. I think the more we watch families being scripted or unscripted shows or films, we see that no family is perfect. Appreciate the family that you do have and appreciate all of those moments that we’re blessed to have every single day, because nothing is promised.

Tocarra: I agree with you on that. Would you like to add any inspiring words for those upcoming and aspiring actors or actresses who are looking to be successful in the film industry?

Victoria: Oh, definitely! I would say, just hang in there. Become specific as to what you want, but enjoy the journey as long as you stay committed to your goals. You have to embrace everything that comes your way and trust that it’s happening for you.

Tocarra: Great words-of-encouragement! A moment ago you spoke about the pandemic, so I wanted to ask you, in this era of life, many individuals are going through some trying times. Do you have any encouraging or motivating words that you would like to share for those who feel as if they do not have any hope?

Victoria: You know, it’s tough because I know ‘the going gets tough’. A lot of times our government and even our culture is telling us to be safe and stay away from people, but then that takes a toll on your mental health, you know, not being able to socialize or if you have fallen ill a lot of times. Find some spirituality. I know that’s what I did. I became really grounded. Sit in silence sometimes and just really think for yourself. A lot of information we received I think has been conflicting, has been confusing and has been really depressing. I think at the end of the day, you really just need to go into a room; you need to be by yourself; you need to be quiet and just listen. In that way, you will learn your body or the signals your body is giving you to tell you that something is off or doesn’t like something. That will help you cultivate a better lifestyle through the signs that ‘hey, maybe you cannot interact with certain individuals anymore because it’s not healthy for your mental’ or ‘hey, I cannot consume certain foods because I have a not so pleasant reaction to them’. I think when you just take time to just learn and listen to yourself things become a lot more clear.

Tocarra: Very well put Victoria!

Victoria: Oh thanks!

Tocarra: You’re welcome! So, what is next in the future for Victoria Wallace?

Victoria: So what’s next for me is an admirate of films and television! I enjoy all of this. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people. I’m working on some personal projects with some peers of mine. Acting wise, definitely that’s first – a lot more television and a lot more funny films. I’m excited for that!

Tocarra: How may your fans or viewers follow you to keep up with your latest happenings?

Victoria: Follow me on instagram. My instagram is queenvicnyc. You guys can also follow me on my new twitter vikkixtra and clubhouse, I pop into those rooms. It’s vickkixtra or you can find me at victoriawallace. And you can also follow me on my website. And that’s VictoriaWallaceWorldwide.com

Tocarra: Would you like to add anything in closing?

Victoria: I would just say God bless and hang in there!

Tocarra: Thank you Victoria and God bless you as well! Thanks again for your time.

Victoria: Thank you!!

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Last modified: June 27, 2023